Andrew Will Winery

Washington, USA

At Andrew Will, they make about 4500 cases of wine a year give or take so many hundred cases. In addition to the blends they make from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, they also make Sangiovese from fruit grown at Ciel du Cheval. The history of the Sangiovese is as full as the other wines they have made but for now it lies in the shadow of the other varieties. They used to make varietal bottlings but by 2003 we had taken a vow to make as fine a wine as we could through blending the most important varieties grown in Washington. They are getting their fruit from Ciel du Cheval, Champoux, and May’s Discovery, and Two Blondes vineyards. Since the first vintage in 1989 they have tried to improve our artisanal skills as winemakers as well as to conform to the simple ideas with which they started. The most important of these has been the primacy of the vineyard. While it is possible for winemakers to muddy the reputation of a vineyard by hasty winemaking decisions it is not possible to take fruit from uninteresting properties and turn it through magic into an interesting bottle. The first two vineyards they used were Ciel du Cheval and Champoux.