Lenné Estate

Oregon, USA

People often ask about the French origins of Lenné. Steve Lutz, the owner, then tells them it was born from a chicken farm west of London, England, in the small village of Wolkingham. It was there that his father-in-law Len raised a family including his wife, Karen, who eventually made her way to Oregon. The chicken farm is long gone, replaced by upscale houses and Lenny gone with it, having died in 1999. But Len helped us put a down payment on Lenné and they'd like to think he is up there now, doing what he can to keep Lenné going. Their search for a great site to plant Pinot Noir started in 1999 and ended on a warm April day in 2000. They walked up a hill into an old pasture some friends had told us about and it was immediately clear how warm the site was, what perfect orientation the site had and how well drained the soils were.They knew the minute we climbed into that pasture, that this was an A+ site; it had the right elevation, orientation and soil type.